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Like many golf clubs, we are keen to avoid slow play and will always encourage visitors to maintain awareness of the groups playing in front and behind them.

Our dress code can be seen below. We have a relaxed manner in respect of the dress code, however we ask that is is not abused.

we ask no more than a 4 ball on course  no 5 balls if seen will be asked by member of staff or members to break up into smaller group 

In the clubhouse, we are happy for members and visitors to wear smart casual clothing.

Members and guests are asked to wear proper golf attire at all times

collared shirt and tailored trousers and shorts are acceptable


Golf shoes must be worn when playing soft spikes or spikes 


The following are unacceptable:

Denim shorts or jeans, combat or cargo style trousers, football and rugby shirts, t-shirts or singlets, tracksuits, untailored shorts, trainers and sports shoes.



Mobile telephones must be switched off at all times as a courtesy to your playing partners and other members.  They may be used only in the event of an emergency.

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